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Menstruating is hard enough for women in general, but when you are without a home, a private restroom, or money, it makes that time of the month harder than most of us can imagine.

Is debt inevitable?

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While a great deal of financial advice is helpful, there are several money ‘myths’ that you need to be aware of. As finances are essential parts of our lives, it is important to know what advice to follow.

Kylie Skin: How To Know What Is Real

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In May of 2019, Kylie Jenner announced her newest venture — a skincare line. Her line includes face wash, vanilla milk toner, serum, face moisturizer, eye cream and a walnut face scrub. Kylie posted a video on the brand page, claiming the face scrub product was great for skin.

It’s really gentle. It’s gentle enough to use every day.

Kylie Jenner, Creator of Kylie Skin

The internet immediately criticized Kylie for promoting the walnut face scrub. Twitter was ablaze with people stressing how dangerous the ingredients in the scrub are. The walnut face scrub uses walnut powder; the same thing…

Tips and Tricks on Dealing with Acne

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Many people struggle with acne. Even after their teenage years. While various methods work differently on diverse skin types, there is still some knowledge that everyone should take into account. There are lots of different myths of where acne comes from and techniques on how to get rid of it. Here is some information that may help you combat any acne issues:


Mostly, the cause of acne is sebaceous oil from hormonal changes. This oil generally helps the skin retain its moisture. That said, it can, at times, become stuck in your pores. …

Without the high cost of professional manicures.

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If you love getting your nails done, you probably also know the struggle of your nails always breaking. Or maybe they often seem dry, yellow, and brittle. Even if your nails are currently moist and flexible, you can definitely benefit from these tips on how to maintain healthy nails.

Invest Less in Professional Manicures

While getting professional manicures may look a lot better than doing them yourself, that doesn’t mean they’re ideal.

And feel great doing it.

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Having a signature look is a great way to stylistically distinguish yourself and be instantly recognizable to others. It is sort of like self-branding. When you have a signature style — you know what you like, what looks good on you, and what makes your fashion look unique.

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When it comes to the realm of fashion, it is no secret that brands have fallen short in more ways than one. When considering progress in the fashion world, we look to ideals of diversity. Diversity suggests a mix of something. This mix can regard gender, sexuality, age, and different body types. In the fashion industry, advertising measures diversity. In other words, we look at who is representing the brand through campaigns and on the runway.

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We are always searching for more ways to empower women across the globe. Regardless of race, country, or economic standing, we want to spread awareness on ways that we can uplift and help women all over the world. Additionally, we want to empower women on an individual level through local settings.

How to stop late nights from turning into all-nighters

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There are times when insomnia happens to the best of us. It can take many different forms:

Taxes don’t have to suck

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Whether you’re a freelancer, influencer, or someone with multiple streams of income, these tax tips are necessary for anyone who is self-employed. In school, no one gets to learn anything about finances. And we’re setting out into the world having to figure them out for ourselves.

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